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At the stage of performing dental implant surgery, one of the anatomical obstacles we frequently encounter in many patients is the situation where the sinuses prevent the implant from being performed. Anatomically, the maxillary sinuses are air spaces just behind our cheekbones. Sometimes patients have situations where their sinuses are too wide structurally. And Sometimes, there are cases where the existing bone gets too close to the sinus with the loss of the jawbone due to the lack of teeth. Therefore, situations where the current distance between the sinus cavity and the jawbone is small makes it difficult for us to apply dental implants to this area. In such cases, there are various methods to make that area suitable for dental implants. Sinus lifting procedure, one of the treatments we apply in our clinic in Turkey, is one of the most frequently used methods.

What is a Dental Sinus Lifting?

In the posterior region of the upper jaw, there is the maxillary sinus region. Maxillary sinus; They are air-filled spaces that exist on both sides of the nasal cavities in the upper jawbone.

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Especially in the early loss of teeth in the posterior regions of the upper jaw, the maxillary sinuses sag. Therefore, it is not possible for us to apply dental implants in our clinic in Turkey unless we apply an advanced surgical procedure such as sinus lifting to these areas.

Purpose of this; It is to perform sinus lift by applying bone grafts to the sagging maxillary sinuses. In this way, we increase the insufficient bone quality and quantity to a sufficient level. Sinus lifting is a procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia in a clinical setting in Turkey.

It is a very special method that can be performed by a dentist and maxillofacial surgeon.

How is Sinus Lifting Done in Turkey?

The condition of our patients is at the forefront when performing sinus lifting procedure. We decide how to perform the sinus lifting procedure according to the jaw bone structures of our patients. We do the sinus raise procedure with 2 methods.

1)  Open Sinus Raise Surgery

We start the open sinus lift surgery by opening a small area from the gingiva to the sinus area that is to be removed with local anesthesia. In this way, we perform the sinus raise procedure by applying bone grafts to the sinus cavity. Then we wait for the ossification process below the sinus cavity to place a dental implant in that area. We prefer the open sinus lifting method in implant treatments in large areas that will cover more than a few teeth in Turkey.

2) Closed Sinus Raise Surgery

We perform the closed sinus raise surgery when the height of the bone area below the sinus is 5mm or more. We break the sinus floor with special tools called osteotome without requiring an extra surgical procedure from the area opened to place a dental implant. Then we perform the sinus raise procedure without damaging the sinus membrane.

What Complications Can Occur After Sinus Lift Procedure in Turkey?

The same complications occur after a sinus lift surgery in Turkey such as standard surgical procedure. Inevitably, there will be swelling and mild pain in the area due to the incision after sinus raise surgery. However, these are not to the extent that they affect the standard of living. This pain will last 1-2 days at most.

Patients may feel a feeling of fullness in the sinus area each time they breathe. These are not complications to be feared after a sinus lift procedure. As long as the patients pay attention to their oral hygiene and the procedures prescribed by the physicians, they will not experience any problems.

How Much Does Sinus Lift Cost in Turkey?

The average cost of sinus lift procedure in Turkey is £400. However, the cost of sinus lift may differ significantly according to clinics in Turkey. The reasons for this are that this procedure is a difficult, advanced surgical procedure that must be performed in expert hands.

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What Should Be Considered After Sinus Lift in Turkey?

Sinus raise surgery is an important surgery. Thanks to this operation, we provide new bone formation in a non-bony area. We do this by separating the membrane inside your sinus cavity with precision and placing bone powder under it and bone membrane on it. In this way, we make that area suitable for dental implants.

Since we move the membrane in your sinus cavity, a few drops may come from your nasal cavity on the related side for 1-2 days. However, this is very normal. What we want from you for the first few days after sinus lift procedure in Turkey;

  • Do not consume hot foods
  • Strictly follow the prescription given
  • Make ice application
  • Do not blow air through your nose with pressure
  • If you are given a nasal spray, it is especially important to use it regularly.

Sinus raise is an advanced surgical procedure. Therefore, there will be some swelling on the face of our patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sinus Lift Surgery Safe?

Sinus lift surgery, performed in a reliable dental clinic environment and accompanied by a specialist doctor, is a safe surgery. On the contrary, the advantages of sinus raise operation are many.

In this way, bone resorption in your jawbone stops. In addition, we can make dental implants to replace your missing tooth by providing new bone formation.

How Long Does Swelling Last After a Sinus Lift?

Swelling lasts for 3-4 days after sinus raise procedure. This is a situation seen in every surgical procedure. Therefore, there will be some swelling after the sinus lift surgery. However, it will pass in a short time.

What Causes Sinus Sagging?

As a result of early tooth loss in the posterior regions of the upper jaw, bone resorption begins in this region. Therefore, bone resorption in this region causes the maxillary sinus to sag downwards. Another reason for sinus sagging may be congenital anatomical factors.

How Painful is a Sinus Lift Procedure?

Since the sinus raise is performed under local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain or pain during the operation. It is normal to feel a slight pain in the first 2-3 days after the sinus lifting surgery.

Can a Sinus Lift and Implant Be Done At The Same Time?

If the height of the jawbone below the maxillary sinuses is sufficient, we can perform closed and open sinus lifting and dental implant application at the same time in Turkey. The important thing here is that there is enough jawbone area to apply a dental implant.

How Long Does a Sinus Raise Take To Heal?

After the sinus lift surgery in Turkey, full recovery may take 5-6 months. The bone graft applied for the dental implant will become the strong enough to integrate with the jawbone and provide sufficient support for the implant in this process.

What is The Difference Between a Sinus Lift and a Bone Graft?

Both procedures are procedures applied to make dental implants to the jawbones. Sinus sagging occurs only in the upper jaw. Therefore, while sinus lift procedure is only performed with or without bone grafting to the upper jaw; We apply bone graft to increase the insufficient jaw bone volume.

What Are The Benefits of a Sinus Lift?

With sinus lifting procedure in Turkey, we can stop the bone resorption that progresses in the back of the jaw. In addition, with the bone graft procedure applied, the insufficient bone area reaches a sufficient bone area. In this way, the patient gets a healthy jawbone. We also eliminate missing teeth with sinus raise and dental implant procedures.

How Do I Know if I Need a Sinus Lift?

If there is a long-term absence of teeth in the posterior region of the upper jaw, you are likely to encounter a sinus clogged condition in this region. Therefore, when you want to eliminate your missing tooth with dental implant application, physicians will first say that you need a sinus raise procedure.