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Due to some of the things we commonly consume, such as coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes, the natural whiteness and brightness of the teeth decrease over time, the teeth change color and stain. The purpose of tooth whitening is to return your teeth to their natural, white color. In addition, it is to regain a shine and a healthy smile that you are proud of. In our dental clinic, we can guarantee you both safe and long-lasting results with the latest technology teeth whitening equipments in Turkey.

Professional bleaching can accomplish the toughest within an hour. With advances in technology, teeth whitening process (bleaching) can now be done much faster and more comfortably. You can lighten your current tooth shade up to eight shades. We offer you our color chart consisting of different shades of white and we decide together the shade of white you want to see on your teeth.

What Is The Teeth Whitening Process?

Teeth whitening process (bleaching); It is the process of removing the stains in the enamel and dentin layer of the tooth with the help of special gels used in dentistry. The color of your own teeth is opened with teeth whitening process from 2 to 8 tons. Bleaching is a procedure we do when our patients are not satisfied with the color of their teeth.

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There are vertical channels on our teeth that extend from the enamel to the dentin layer. Tooth whitening gels enter through these channels and lighten the color of the dentin layer. Therefore, the bleaching process has no harm to the teeth. There is no such thing as any abrasion on the teeth or removing a layer of tooth enamel.

This bleaching process takes place with hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide chemicals. With the teeth whitening method known as teeth bleaching, the original color of the tooth is opened between 2-8 tones.

Bleaching is not just about removing stains. There are actually 2 methods for cleaning teeth. One of them is the removal of stains and residues called tooth stone cleaning and polishing. The other is teeth whitening applications called bleaching.

What Are The Teeth Whitening Methods?

As an application, teeth whitening process is divided into 2 as in-office and at-home  methods.

In-Office Teeth Whitening Process in Turkey

In-Office teeth whitening is a method that can only be applied by dentists. The concentration of drugs used in this method is higher. We activate that drug with a blue light or a laser.

There are two application methods of office bleaching which are activated by LED light and activated without LED light. The result and purpose of both are the same. The reason that separates these two administrations is the indications. We prefer the LED-free method for people with sensitive teeth. We prefer the LED light method to anyone who does not have tooth sensitivity.

How is Laser Teeth Whitening Performed and How Long Does It Take?

We ensure that soft tissues are removed from the teeth with the help of appliances attached to the mouth before bleaching. After this process, we apply light-curing liquid barriers to the gums to prevent possible leakage of whitening agents into the gums. Finally, we apply whitening agents to the surfaces of the teeth and wait 15 minutes per session with a special light.

With the teeth whitening process that we apply in 3 sessions and lasts 45 minutes in total, we achieve the desired result. In-Office teeth whitening is the best method because of its time advantage and convenience.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Process

At-Home teeth whitening is a method of whitening performed by applying gels given to the patient by the doctor at home. First of all, we take a measurement from the person and prepare a personalized transparent plate according to these measurements. The person applies the gel given by the dentist into this plaque. Gel-applied plates should be worn between 2 and 6 hours a day. This process takes an average of 2 weeks until the desired whitening tone is reached.

Difference Between In-Office and At-Home Teeth Whitening

The main difference between in-office and at-home teeth whitening is time. At-Home whitening takes a long time, like 2 weeks. In-Office whitening is a process that takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. Our patient comes to our dental clinic in Antalya, Turkey, we do the teeth whitening process and the process is completed in a short time.

Teeth Whitening Price in Turkey

Teeth whitening application in Turkey is one of the most frequently used smile makeover applications. In Turkey, teeth whitening is available at affordable costs. Teeth whitening price is 250 €/200£ in our dental clinic located in Antalya, Turkey. But the prices of professional teeth whitening vary according to the patient’s condition.

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What Should Be Considered After Bleaching?

Items that may color the teeth such as red wine, cigars, cigarettes, strawberries, carrots and tomato paste are prohibited for at least 48 hours. However, great care should be taken during the first 2 weeks. With the toothpaste we give, the teeth should be brushed immediately after the colorant is eaten and drunk within these 2 weeks. This recommendation is really important.

During this period, teeth are very sensitive to colors. Whatever color you apply to the tooth, it will easily get that color. You should also avoid extremely hot and cold foods and drinks for the first few days.

Is The Teeth Whitening Process Permanent?

After bleaching, its permanence is an average of 2 years. However, this of course varies from person to person. This period depends on the person paying attention to oral cleaning in the morning and evening and having dental calculus cleaning every 6 months.

If you smoke cigars, consume a lot of red wine, your oral care is insufficient and if you do not regularly go to tartar cleaning, this period will be reduced to 1 year. After this 1 year, there will be a need for another bleaching application.

Will There Be Pain During and After The Bleaching Process?

There is no pain during and after the bleaching process. However, sensitivity can be seen in the teeth. Sensitivity can be felt occasionally both during the procedure and at the same night. But this is a situation that varies from person to person. While most people do not experience any sensitivity, some people do. The next day, this sensitivity in the teeth will disappear.

Is Teeth Whitening Harmful?

According to the latest researches, it has been proven that the teeth whitening process (Bleaching) does not cause any harm to the teeth.