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dental holiday tourism turkey antalya prices

Are You Looking For First Class Dental Holiday and Treatment in Turkey at the Same Time?


Definitive and successful treatment results, comfortable dental holiday in Antalya, Turkey. Located in Antalya, Turkey, the heart of dental tourism, Adalya Dental Clinic has a staff of specialists, quality dental materials, reasonable prices and state-of-the-art equipment. In this way, we offer you extremely successful, reliable treatment results with a wonderful dental holiday experience in Antalya Turkey. In addition, you can save more than 50 percent with our dental holiday packages in Turkey!

dental holiday turkey antalya prices packages

Dental Tourism Turkey

Dental tourism and holiday is one of the most demanded sectors in the world in the last 10 years in the field of health. This is because people want to receive high quality health care at lower costs. In addition, people want to get the best dental service by taking advantage of the holiday beauties of the country they will go to. Therefore, it is one of the leading dental tourism and holiday options in the world with its natural beauties in Turkey, high standard dental treatment results and reasonable prices.

As Adalya Dental Clinic Turkey, we have set ourselves a goal to provide our patients with dental holiday and treatment with the highest quality and comfort, and we continue to offer treatment to our patients without deviating from this standard. In this way, we managed to become one of the most sought-after clinics in Antalya, the centre of dental tourism and holiday in Turkey. With the dental holiday packages and prices we offer at our dental centre and clinic in Antalya, we provide our patients with the service they dream of in Turkey, one of the best dental tourism centres.

Antalya Dental Tourism

A few cities stand out in dental tourism and holiday locations in Turkey. However, Antalya is the most important and leader of dental holiday and tourism centers in Turkey. Because the number and quality of clinics for dental tourism in Antalya is higher than other regions in Turkey. In addition, Antalya stands out in Turkey and in the world in terms of dental tourism and holiday with its unique natural beauties, coastal beaches, luxury hotels, historical sites and with reasonable prices of holiday packeages.

While you are being treated in Antalya, you can enjoy your dental holiday by visiting the unique places of Antalya. Our international patient manager can provide you with information on all locations. Moreover, our international patient manager will also recommend and arrange private travel tours for you. In Antalya, the center of dental tourism, you can visit the Kaleiçi, Hadrian’s Gate, Beach Park, Aspendos Antique Theater and Termessos-Phaselis-Olimpos-Perge-Side ancient cities.

antalya dental tourism turkey holiday prices packages
dental holiday turkey tourism prices packages

Antalya Dental Tourism Turkey Prices and Packages

Turkey is one of the countries with the most advantageous prices and packages in the field of dental tourism. In addition, Turkey does not come to the forefront in the field of tourism only with the affordable dental holiday package prices. Turkey offers great opportunities to patients coming from abroad with its hotels with great holiday locations and the inclusion of these hotels in dental holiday packages. Therefore, we, as Adalya Dental Centre Turkey, provide wonderful dental holiday packages at affordable prices to our guests from abroad in Antalya, which is almost the capital of dental tourism.

In Antalya Turkey our dental holiday packages prices are very competitive compared to other clinics. Our dental holiday packages prices include 4 and 5 star luxury hotels according to the preferences of our patients. In addition, our VIP vehicle, which we use for the transfer of our patients between Antalya airport, our clinic and the hotel, is included in all our dental holiday packages.

At our clinic in Antalya Turkey, dental tourism prices vary according to the treatment we do. For example, our full mouth dental crown or veneer treatments range from £3500 to £6500 depending on the type of crown we use and the number of teeth. If we are going to apply full mouth implant treatment, then our full mouth dental implants Turkey package deals varies between 5160£-7500£ in Antalya. However, the factors affecting these prices are the number and brand of implants. We also have holiday packages for All on 4 Dental Implants in Turkey. Our prices range from £3000-3500.

How Many Days Do I Need For Dental Holiday in Turkey Antalya?

How long the dental treatment and holiday in our clinic in Antalya Turkey will take depends on the type of treatment and the special circumstances of the people. However, the average dental treatment times vary between 5-7 days. We can complete the treatment of our patients who come for dental implant treatment on the same day they come to Turkey. Afterwards, our patients rest in their hotels for an average of 4-5 days and have the opportunity to visit Antalya. During this process, we complete the treatment by bringing our patient back to our clinic for control and temporary teeth.

In addition, the average duration of dental crown treatments is again 5-7 days. Our patients visit our clinic maximum 3 times. During this time, we do all the rehearsals of our patient and prepare his teeth. Then, we attach the permanent crowns prepared in the laboratory to our patient on the last day. Thus, the treatment process ends. Our patients enjoy their dental holidays by exploring Antalya, the dental tourism center of Turkey, on other days and in the remaining hours.

dental holiday antalya turkey tourism prices


  • 20 Zirconia Veneers
  • 7 Nights Hotel
  • Flights – VIP Transfers
  •  Panoramic X-Ray
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E-MAX® FULL VENEERSMost Popular£4500

  • 20 E-Max® Full Veneers
  • 7 Nights Hotel
  • Flights – VIP Transfers
  •  Panoramic X-Ray
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  • 20 Laminate Veneers
  • 7 Nights Hotel
  • Flights – VIP Transfers
  •  Panoramic X-Ray
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CELTRA® DUO VENEERSMost Popular£6500

  • 20 Celtra® Duo Veneers
  • 7 Nights Hotel
  • Flights – VIP Transfers
  •  Panoramic X-Ray
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  • 16 Composite Teeth
  • 3 Nights Hotel
  • VIP Transfers
  •  Panoramic X-Ray
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ALL ON 4 IMPLANTSMost Popular£3200

  • 8 Osstem Implants
  • 5 Nights Hotel
  • Flights – VIP Transfers
  •  Panoramic X-Ray
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ALL ON 6 IMPLANTSMost Popular£4800

  • 12 Osstem Implants
  • 5 Nights Hotel
  • Flights – VIP Transfers
  •  Panoramic X-Ray
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ALL ON 8 IMPLANTSMost Popular£6400

  • 16 Osstem Implants
  • 5 Nights Hotel
  • Flights – VIP Transfers
  •  Panoramic X-Ray
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Most requested treatments we provide for our patients who prefer Turkey for Dental Holiday

As Adalya Dental Clinic, we offer treatment packages in Antalya, Turkey, at very low prices compared to Europe and North America in the field of dental tourism and holiday.

You can contact us for all your dental problems, apart from the most requested treatments. Thanks to our investments in the dental holiday field, we have a staff of specialist dentists. Therefore, we can provide our patients with extremely successful and reliable treatment results.


Dental Holiday and Tourism Prices in Turkey?

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What is included in the dental tourism prices at our clinic in Turkey Antalya?


We try to provide maximum comfort and happiness to our patients who prefer our clinic in Antalya, Turkey, for dental holiday and tourism. Therefore, we have included many topics in our dental tourism packages prices for the convenience of our patients coming Turkey, Antalya.

  • Airport welcome and free VIP transfer.
  • High standard accommodation included in the prices of dental tourism Turkey Antalya packages.
  • Free panoramic x-ray before and after treatment.
  • Transfers between hotel and clinic.
  • Long-term warranty for all treatments in Turkey.
  • Free check-up service after treatment.
  • Our international patient manager will be with you throughout your treatment. Moreover, it will be able to organize private sightseeing tours for you.
  • Restaurants-Golf-Spa reservations.
  • Free internet service in the clinic.
dental holiday turkey antalya tourism prices packages


You can easily find flights to Antalya, Turkey for dental tourism and holiday from Europe and all countries. Check the flights.

dental tourism turkey prices antalya packages


Our Hotel Options

We offer our patients a wonderful holiday experience in Antalya, Turkey, in the world’s leading country of dental tourism with reasonable packages prices.

As Adalya Dental Centre, we have 3 different hotel options for our patients coming from abroad. Leaf Port, Megasaray and Hotel Su & Aqualand. Therefore, we consider every detail for the comfort of our patients. Submit the details of the hotel you want to stay in to our international patient manager. After that, our manager will choose the most suitable hotel for you.


We have answered the most frequently asked questions that you will benefit from before choosing our dental centre in Turkey Antalya for dental holiday. All the answers you can get information about treatments in Turkey and our country are here. Get in touch with us if you have more questions!

Dental implants cost in Turkey € 450 – € 850 varies between. As Adalya Dental Clinic, we work with the best 4 dental implant brands in Antalya, Turkey. Dental implant tooth prices in Turkey are determined by the brand, the number and difficulty of the operation.

We perform dental implant tooth operations according to the implant brand preferred by our patients. Get in touch with us for learning everything about dental implants in Turkey.

We apply our dental package prices to those who will have 6-14 dental implants for our patients who come for a dental implant holiday in Turkey. Therefore, accommodation fees for our patients who will come for a minimum of 6 dental implant treatment and holiday are included in the total prices in Turkey, Antalya. In addition, all VIP transfers between the airport, hotel and clinic are included in the prices.

Dental implants in Turkey are 1 in 4 more affordable than in Europe and the UK. In addition to their treatments, our patients also enjoy their holidays in Antalya comfortably.

2 separate 1-week visits will be sufficient for dental implants treatment in Turkey. This is necessary for the implant to fuse strongly with the jawbone.

It will take approximately 3 months for the implant and jawbone to fuse with each other after first visit. If Bone Grafting or Sinus Lifting operations are required, the healing process may take up to 6 months.

These procedures are very important for the success of implant dental treatment. Our patients make their second visit to our clinic after the expected recovery period.

We provide temporary solutions to our patients during the dental implant healing process, allowing them to return to their homes without losing their teeth. For this reason, it is not noticed in terms of appearance that our patients receive implant dental treatment.

We complete the treatment by making permanent teeth on the implant and all crown coatings according to the tooth dimensions taken in the 2nd visit.

Turkey is one of the 3 countries that provides the best dental treatment, holiday and tourism services in the world according to the treatment quality and prices ratio. The number and quality of dental centre Turkey are increasing every year. Thanks to technological investments in this field, it is on its way to becoming the best dental location in the world.

Contact us for reasonable dental holiday and tourism packages prices in Antalya, Turkey.

Smile makeover has a multidisciplinary approach and is carried out by applying many processes together. So it varies according to the procedures to be applied smile makeover prices in Turkey.

Smile Makeover 20 porcelain teeth & 20 zirconia crowns cost are approximately 3500 €.  However, as we said, prices will vary according to appropriate transactions.

Get in touch with us for learning everything about smile makeover Turkey.

There are very good dentists in Turkey who have developed themselves in the fields of aesthetic dental treatments and implantology. We, as Adalya Dental Clinic and Center, work with dentists who follow and adapt to the latest technologies in dental fields.

In our center, we can provide services in all dental fields with our expert prosthodontist, orthodontist, periodontist and pedodontist doctors.

You can visit our doctors page and you can learn about our doctors.

Our Doctors >

Zirconia crown cost for a single tooth 205 € or 240 $ or 175 £ in Turkey. Our zirconia crown price at our dental centre Turkey are approximately £ 3500 or € 4100, or $ 4800 consisting of 20 teeth. Contact us for learning everything about zirconia crowns Turkey.

Turkey is one of the safest countries in the world for dental treatment and vacation. All necessary measures for Covid 19 are taken meticulously, both as a state and as private businesses.

The high rate of vaccination also puts Turkey among the safe countries. As Adalya Antalya Dental Clinic, we provide regular care and the hygiene of our clinic meticulously.

We frequently apply disinfection to our clinic. You can learn more about the disinfection measures we take by watching our video.

Our Youtube Video >

Our patients who have had dental veneers treatment in Turkey can use these veneers for many years. However, these times vary according to the types of veneers and people’s attention to their oral hygiene and doctor’s recommendations.

Our patients can easily use porcelain and full ceramic veneers for over 15 years. Patients who have laminate veneers and composite veneers treatment should protect these veneers well. Our patients can easily use these veneers for more than 10 years if they show sufficient care. But average lifespan of dental veneers turkey is between 20-30 years.

Because costs such as insurance costs, laboratory fees and rents in Turkey are quite low compared to other countries. There is a 1 in 5 difference in prices, especially compared to the UK and the USA.

In this way, patients can both receive their treatment and at the same time have a wonderful holiday by taking advantage of Turkey’s natural beauties.

Laminate veneer, which is one of the aesthetic dental treatments, can be done at very affordable prices in Antalya, Turkey.

As Antalya Dental Clinic, we apply porcelain laminate veneers in Turkey at a 5 to 1 low price compared to European prices. Laminate veneers single tooth price is 290 euros on average in Turkey. Prices will vary depending on the number of teeth to be made.

Reach us for learning everything about laminate veneers Turkey.

All on 4 dental implants price in Turkey vary between 3000 and 6000 €. The cost of All on 4 dental implants in Turkey depends on the conditions of the people and the materials to be used varies accordingly.

This treatment method is a special and complex treatment. Therefore, the cost of this treatment may be slightly higher. All on 4 dental implant treatment should be performed by a doctors specialized in this field. As Adalya Dental Clinic, we work with one of the best doctors in Antalya.

Full set dental veneer prices in Turkey vary according to veneer types. We use zirconium and emax crowns aesthetically. The price of a full set of zirconia crowns consisting of 28 teeth is 4900 Euros.

Price of Emax full set dental crowns is around 7700 Euros. This price is again valid for 28 teeth. In addition, these prices include the 5-star hotel price and all transfers.

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