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Invisalign treatment in Antalya, Turkey can easily be applied in tooth crowding cases and split teeth problems called diastema in people who do not have complicated skeletal issues. It is a transparent plate maker named Invisalign after the words (invisible) and (aligner). You can reach us for your invisalign treatment in Turkey, Antalya and get beautiful smile.

How Is Invisalign Performed In Turkey?

Invisalign braces are invisible, removable, wire-free orthodontic treatment plaques produced according to people's needs by transferring the measurements taken from inside the mouth to the scanner known as Cad-Cam desired tooth movement.

invisalign turkey

In this Invisalign treatment in Turkey, the analysis of the teeth is done first. The patient is told how many months the teeth can be in the appropriate position and how many invisalign clear aligners will be used.

One of the most significant advantages of clear aligner treatment; is displaying the teeth’ final state after therapy to the computer screen patient. Patients can see the last condition of their teeth after treatment before the treatment begins.

When it is decided to start the Invisalign treatment in Antalya Turkey, clear aligners are produced according to 3D printers. How many plaques to use and how long it will take depends on the patient’s teeth. However, invisalign treatment can be completed in an average of 6-12 months in Turkey. Clear aligners are replaced with new ones every two weeks, and the treatment process is continued by our dentist controls every 6-8 weeks from far.

Patients coming from abroad for Invisalign treatment must come back to our clinic in Antalya Turkey every 2-3 months for check-ups. This is one of the biggest advantages of Invisalign treatment. We can follow-up our patients remotely from Turkey, either via whatsapp, skype or via meeting platform of invisalign.

To achieve the desired result, these plates should be used for a minimum of 20 hours during the day. In this treatment, patients should continue this treatment with the severe discipline to slow down the treatment process.

After the clear aligners, invisalign treatment is completed in Turkey, and the desired result is achieved. The final result is achieved by attaching tiny braces attached to the teeth’ back surface called “retainer,” which fix the lower and upper teeth jaws.

Advantages of Invisalign Turkey Treatment

  • Patients can remove these plaques while eating, brushing their teeth or in some critical situations.
  • Invisalign clear braces are hard to notice by others.
  • Patient control is remarkably high in orthodontic transparent plaque treatment.
  • Cleaning teeth is very simple in Invisalign treatments. Plaques can be removed, regular tooth brushing can be done and the risk of caries is less.
  • There is no food restriction. Patients can remove the plaque and eat the food they want and then attach the plaque again.
  • Invisalign clear aligner treatment is the most aesthetic orthodontic treatment and easy to apply in Turkey. Orthodontists in Antalya Turkey it is quite experienced in invisalign treatment.
  • Although treatment times vary according to the severity of the crowding, invisalign treatment times are shorter.
  • Invisalign treatment can be applied to people of all ages.
  • In clear aligner orthodontic treatments, teeth are moved with very minimal movements and generally there is no pain and pain.

Invisalign treatment is an evolving treatment. It is difficult to apply today in the treatment of complicated cases. Metal brackets are used in complicated orthodontic cases.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost in Turkey?

Invisalign treatment is an expensive method compared to orthodontic treatment with metal braces. Because Invisalign plaques are produced as custom braces sets and are not noticed at all. The average cost of Invisalign treatment in our dental clinic in Antalya Turkey starts at € 3,000. Our invisalign treatment prices may decrease or increase according to the needs of the plaque number of the people.

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Differences Between Invisalign and Metal Braces Treatment

The field of treatments with transparent plaques is more limited according to metal brackets. Problems concerning teeth can be solved with clear aligner braces. Jaw and skeletal anomaly problems are solved with metal braces treatment.

Patient compliance and discipline are crucial in invisalign treatments. Although it is mobile, it should be used like fixed appliances. It should stay in the mouth for an average of 20 hours during the day. Since metal braces are not removed from the mouth, treatment success is more independent of the patient.

Invisalign clear aligner treatment in Turkey is more preferred in orthodontic treatments of adults. Because adults can control themselves more than children.
In addition, the aesthetic advantage of transparent plaques in orthodontic treatment is much more.

You can find out which one would be more suitable for you by reading our invisalign vs braces article.