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In our Adalya Dental Clinic in Antalya, Turkey, we provide premium quality dental treatments in all areas of dentistry, including cosmetics, oral surgery, general and pediatric dentistry. We serve zirconium bridges, single dental implant, all on four, all four six dental implants, orthodontic treatments, dental veneers, teeth whitening and in all fields with our specialist dentist team in Antalya Turkey. Looking for a dental treatment in Antalya, Turkey? Then check our treatment list and get more details.

Teeth Whitening

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Dental Implants

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Zirconium Crown

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Smile Makeover

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Emax Crowns

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All on 4 Implants

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Sinus Lifting

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Gum Contouring

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Composite Bonding

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Root Canal Treatment

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Inlays & Onlays

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Dental Braces

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Dental Bridge

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Pediatric Dentistry

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Dental Crowns

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Full Mouth Implants

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Dental Veneers

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Zygomatic Implants

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All on 6 Implants

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Our TreatmentVacationClinic Details in Turkey

1 - Treatment Planning

We ask you to send panoramic x-rays and photos and convey your expectations from us. Our dentist team will evaluate your situation and we will inform you about the most appropriate dental treatment plan with an approximate price, accommodation and how many days you need to stay in Turkey.

2 - Travel and Accommodation

Once you are satisfied with all the detailed treatment planning we have sent you, you can determine the most suitable treatment date range for yourself. You can plan your flight by choosing one of our options that will provide you with a comfortable accommodation experience.

3 - Transportation

We will welcome you at the airport with a private VIP vehicle with our patient coordinator. Our patient coordinator will be with you during your entire treatment process. In all your transportation between the airport, your hotel and our clinic our patient coordinator will be responsible for you.

4 - Starting to Treatment

After picking you up from the airport, we bring you to our dental clinic in Antalya and start your treatment on the same day without wasting any time. Adalya Dental Clinic Turkey is able to complete in a short time your treatment by taking support from the lastest technology equipments.

5 - Enjoy Your Holiday

We are turning your dental treatment into a perfect holiday in Antalya, Turkey. In our clinic, your daily treatments will take an average of 1 hour. You can spend the rest of the time visiting the touristic and historical places of Antalya. A wonderful dental holiday awaits you in Antalya, Turkey.

6 - After Treatment

We provide permanent results to our patients with safe, successful treatments. After your dental treatment in Antalya, Turkey, you can be in contact with us all your life. We consider each of our patients as a part of the Adalya Dental Clinic family and we provide them with all kinds of support.

Premium Dental Treatment in Antaya, Turkey

We have a staff of 5 dentists who are experts in their own fields for your dental treatment in Antalya Turkey.

As Adalya Dental Clinic in Turkey, we work for permanent, certain and comfortable treatment results based on their priorities in the treatment of our patients. We are one of the most preferred dental clinics in Antalya Turkey, making a difference with high success rate treatments affordable cost. Our dental treatment prices in our clinic in Turkey are 1 in 5 compared to Europe and UK. There are many reasons to choose us. Don’t waste time for your premium dental treatment in Antalya, Turkey.

Get in touch with us for everything about your dental treatment in Turkey!

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