Laminate Veneers Turkey

Laminate veneers are porcelains with an excellent structure applied with minimal cut from the teeth’s front surfaces. Since we prepare laminate teeth very thinly, it has an extremely high light transmission and therefore its appealing properties are remarkably close to natural teeth. With porcelain laminate veneers in turkey, it is possible to achieve maximum naturalness and the aesthetics with a minimum loss of teeth. In our dental clinic in Antalya, Turkey, we successfully apply porcelain laminate veneers with our specialist cosmetic dentist at affordable cost. 

What Are Laminate Veneers?

It is the most preferred restoration application in smile design due to its thickness between 0.1 mm-0.4 mm and aesthetic appearance. Laminate veneers, also known as leaf porcelain, are ceramics applied to the front teeth. However, they are very thin, strong, with remarkably high appealing properties.

laminate veneers in turkey

Laminate veneers can be used by rubbing only the teeth’ front surfaces or sometimes without any abrasion process.Laminate teeth are preferred more intensely in various treatments.

We can apply Laminate teeth (Leaf Porcelain) during smile design treatment in people with high expectations of aesthetics and naturalness, people with a low level of assembling, people with gaps in their teeth, people with indentations and protrusions due to lack of mineralization in their front teeth, and these problems can be solved in a short time.

How Are Laminate Veneers Made in Turkey?

In the process of laminate veneer dental treatment in Antalya, Turkey, the thoughts of the person who will have laminate veneers should be carefully listened to. The patient’s complaints about his teeth dislike on his teeth (tooth colour, form, etc.) and expectations from the treatment should be well understood. After the patient’s expectations are fully understood, the examination is performed together with the patient’s mouth photographs and x-ray analyses.

Other requirements in the teeth are also planned in the first session. The patient’s teeth whitening need, tartar cleaning, gum level, inlay and onlay fillings for tooth decay and all requirements are determined in the first session. After that, the measurements specified in line with the patient’s wishes are sent to the technician, and the technician creates the silicone key of the teeth by modelling wax on the plaster, showing how the teeth will be final. This process is called ‘Mockup.’

The Next Stage of Porcelain Laminate

Temporary materials created on the silicone key made in the second session are placed on the patient’s teeth, and the final state of the teeth is shown to the patient. At this stage, photographs are made again, and the last condition of the teeth is clarified by taking the patient’s ideas. After it is clear how the teeth should be, the cuts and arrangements on the teeth are started on the same day, and it waits until the next treatment session with temporary teeth at the end of the day. After 3-4 days, permanent laminate porcelain adheres, and the treatment is completed in the third session.

It is not possible to talk about excessive tooth cuts in porcelain laminate veneers. The aim is to make the most functional and longest-lasting laminate teeth without exceeding the enamel layer. In porcelain laminate treatments, it is desired to complete the treatment with an aesthetic appearance by giving the tooth the least damage. Today, laminate tooth are preferred because it is the fastest aesthetic application and provides the closest result to nature.

What are the Advantages of Laminate Veneers?

  • A minimal amount of abrasion is made from the teeth in laminate tooth applications. In some cases, porcelain laminate teeth can be made without any abrasion on the teeth. Therefore, the least damaging treatments to the teeth are possible with laminate veneer.
  • Since the porcelain laminate teeth are bonded with solid adhesives, it is doubtful to fall off.
  • Because the laminate teeth are glued one by one, it does not prevent dental floss.
  • Laminate teeth aesthetics are the highest treatment method, and therefore they are preferred.
  • Since porcelain dental lumineers are fragile materials, adaptation to the tooth is straightforward. Patients get used to the laminate tooth very quickly.
  • Dental lumineers are light-permeable and cannot be distinguished from natural teeth.
  • At the beginning of the treatment, it can be seen how the application will result.
  • Porcelain laminate tooth does not change colour and have a protective feature.

In Which Cases Are Porcelain Laminate Veneers Applied in Turkey?

  • In advanced staining that has not been achieved with a suitable result with porcelain laminate tooth whitening,
  • Porcelain laminate veneers are applied to people who are concerned about the aesthetic appearance of their anterior teeth.
  • Lengthening of tooth length and shape changes,
  • Broken teeth and deformities,
  • Low level of crowded teeth in the teeth,
  • In cases of wear on teeth,
  • In closing the gaps between teeth.

How Much Are Laminate Veneers in Turkey?

Laminate veneers which is one of aesthetic dental treatments can be done at very reasonable cost in Turkey, Antalya. As Adalya Dental Clinic in Antalya compared to European prices by nearly 5 to 1 ratio at a low price, we apply the porcelain laminate veneers in Turkey. Our laminate veneers price per single tooth is 260 Euros. Our prices will change according to the number of teeth to be made.

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Who is not Applied to Porcelain Laminate Teeth?

  • Those who have problems grinding teeth and clenching teeth at night.
  • People who have habits such as nail-biting, tearing thread with their teeth, biting behind a pencil.
  • If crowns were made on the tooth before. If there is a crown in the existing tooth, a crown should be made again. In such cases, laminate veneer is not applied.
  • If there are extensive fillings on the tooth, if fillings cover at least 3 surfaces of the tooth, in these cases, laminate tooth because the best adhesion of laminated veneers is achieved on the enamel layer. Porcelain laminates are not recommended for teeth with excessive wear on the enamel layer. If laminate teeth are applied to teeth with less enamel layer, the laminate’s grip and life are less.

Differences Between Laminate and Zirconium Teeth

Laminate veneers are thin sheets of porcelain with no metal support, which is adhered to the teeth’s front surfaces, and we glue from the front cover of the tooth by rubbing a small amount. In some cases, we apply the laminate teeth without any abrasion. At least 40% of the tooth should be massaged in zirconium crowns, and the tooth is cut all around.

We generally prefer porcelain laminate veneers for anterior restorations in Antalya, Turkey. The reason for this is that porcelain laminate tooth have higher aesthetics than zirconium veneers. The area where zirconium crowns usually are preferred is the posterior teeth.

We chose zirconium for posterior teeth because its resistance to pressure and fracture is higher than dental lumineers. Besides, if there is a lot of wear and loss in the teeth, it is correct to prefer zirconium crowns in such cases. We apply both treatments are for aesthetic purposes and done very successfully in Turkey.

FAQ About Laminate Teeth

How Long Is Porcelain Laminate Veneers Made in Turkey?

Porcelain laminate veneers treatment can take 3 to 7 days in Turkey, Antalya. These are applications we usually completed in 3 sessions.

Are There Extra Applications in the Care of Laminate Teeth?

Laminate teeth do not need any extra care if oral care is done regularly and attention is paid to dental floss and teeth cleaning.

Will Laminate Veneer Break?

A pressure of 50 newtons occurs in the teeth, with the most chewing in the back teeth. If laminate teeth are glued following the rule, they are two times resistant up to 100 newtons and are challenging to break. If only the lower teeth lose their bond from the back teeth and hit the front teeth, the laminates can break. We will apply the relevant procedures to treat this, and the problem corrected.

Is Anesthesia Applied During Laminate Tooth Construction?

We perform the porcelain laminate tooth preparation process under local anesthesia. In this way, no pain or ache is felt during and after the laminate veneer.

Does Porcelain Laminate Veneer Fall?

Porcelain laminates are very unlikely to fall if a specialist dentist carefully and carefully does all processes.

How Long Is the Life Of A Laminate Teeth?

We efficiently use laminate teeth for 10 to 20 years if oral care is taken care of and nothing is done to damage the tooth.

What Are The Disadvantages of Laminate Teeth?

People who have laminate teeth should pay attention to the dental pressure they apply to people who have other tooth coating treatment. Laminate teeth are slightly more delicate porcelain. Besides, its price is higher than other veneers.

Who Can Get Zirconia Crowns?

Zirconium crown can be applied to anyone who has enough abutment teeth or meets implant surgery requirements.

Does The Color of The Laminate Tooth Change?

The laminate tooth’s colour is not affected by tea, coffee, tobacco products such as cigarettes and other factors; their colours do not change.

Does Laminate Tooth Smell?

An experienced physician makes the laminate veneer, and if people pay attention to their oral hygiene, the laminate tooth does not smell.