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Are you looking for premium dental clinic in Turkey? By choosing our dental clinic in Antalya Turkey, you will be welcomed with our VIP service and patient coordinator at airport.Smıle Makeover + »
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Oral Surgery


You will find affordable dental treatment costs by choosing our dental clinic in Antalya. In addition to your dental treatment in our clinic, you can also enjoy your holiday in Antalya.Dental Implants + »
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General Dentistry


You can reach us from all ways of communication about your dental treatment in Turkey. Write or call us about your dental treatment and we will inform you about everything.Root Canal Treatment + »

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American Accreditation Commission International

The Only Dental Clinic in Antalya with AACI Accreditation

Premium Quality Dental Clinic in Antalya, Turkey


As Adalya Dental Clinic and Dentist Centre in Antalya, Turkey with our expert dentist team, we provide dental services in all treatments. Dental implants, cosmetic dentisry, porcelain veneers, zirconia crowns, orthodontics including invisalign, pediatric dentistry. In our new generation, modern and institutional dental clinic in Turkey, we serve to our patients for permanent treatment solutions.

Adalya Dental Clinic is located in Antalya Turkey offers solutions to people looking for quality dental care at affordable prices compared Europe and UK. We are able to make all kind of advanced surgeries with the help of qualified and our experienced dentist team in Turkey.

3D Smile Design Technology with Adalya Dental Clinic

Great Results in Dental Veneers, Implants & All Treatments in Turkey

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A Digital Experience That Makes You Feel Right and Safe in Antalya, Turkey with Adalya Dental Clinic

With 3Shape Intraoral Scanner perfect treatment results at Adalya Dental Clinic in Turkey, Antalya.

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A comfortable dental experience awaits you in our dental clinic in Antalya, Turkey, thanks to digital impressions and simulation.

You will experience the advantages of digital smile design and dimensioning. What are the advantages of the 3Shape Intraoral Scanner?

Higher accuracy and precision with digital impressions

More comfortable dimensioning in a much shorter time

The accuracy of designing the smile that best suits your face and smile at Adalya Dental Clinic in Turkey, Antalya

Unrivalled open dental ecosystem with 3Shape 3D Software.


Adalya Dental Clinic Turkey

A new generation, classy, reliable and best dental clinic in Antalya, Turkey.

With experienced dentist staff, in a cautious and hygienic environment, Adalya Antalya Dental Clinic in Turkey get support from modern devices to provide you the best and premium dental service. Thus, it provides you the best comfort and allows you to regain your health as soon as possible.

Adalya Dental Clinic, which serves in all areas of oral and dental health, is located in Antalya, Turkey, which is one of the most beautiful touristic cities. So Let’s make a change and put a perfect smile on your face with our dental clinic in Antalya/TURKEY.

As a Adalya family, with our expert dentist staff in their fields, we add a lot of smiles to your life with little touches. We are here to give you your health and great smile back again. We look forward to welcoming you.

Vip Welcome at Airport

Private Transport Service

Experienced Dentist Team

Affordable Prices

High Qualty Equipment

Full Support During and After Treatment

Our Some Dental Treatments in Turkey

In our Adalya Dental Clinic in Antalya Turkey, we provide services in all areas of dentistry, including cosmetics, oral surgery, general and pediatric dentistry.

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Teeth Whitening

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Dental Implants

Dental implant treatment stages, Why should i have my dental implants in a clinic in Turkey and more detailsREAD MORE + »
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Zirconium Crown

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Laminate Veneers

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Smile Makeover

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How is invisalign performed in Turkey? How much does invisalign cost in Antalya, Turkey and more detailsREAD MORE + »


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Our TreatmentVacationClinic Details in Turkey

1 - Treatment Planning

We ask you to send panoramic x-rays and photos and convey your expectations from us. Our dentist team will evaluate your situation and we will inform you about the most appropriate dental treatment plan with an approximate price, accommodation and how many days you need to stay in Turkey.

2 - Travel and Accommodation

Once you are satisfied with all the detailed treatment planning we have sent you, you can determine the most suitable treatment date range for yourself. You can plan your flight by choosing one of our options that will provide you with a comfortable accommodation experience.

3 - Transportation

We will welcome you at the airport with a private VIP vehicle with our patient coordinator. Our patient coordinator will be with you during your entire treatment process. In all your transportation between the airport, your hotel and our clinic our patient coordinator will be responsible for you.

4 - Starting to Treatment

After picking you up from the airport, we bring you to our dental clinic in Antalya and start your treatment on the same day without wasting any time. Adalya Dental Clinic Turkey is able to complete in a short time your treatment by taking support from the lastest technology equipments.

5 - Enjoy Your Holiday

We are turning your dental treatment into a perfect holiday in Antalya, Turkey. In our clinic, your daily treatments will take an average of 1 hour. You can spend the rest of the time visiting the touristic and historical places of Antalya. A wonderful dental holiday awaits you in Antalya, Turkey.

6 - After Treatment

We provide permanent results to our patients with safe, successful treatments. After your dental treatment in Turkey, you can be in contact with us all your life. We consider each of our patients as a part of the Adalya Antalya Dental Clinic family and we provide them with all kinds of support.



High Quality Dental Treatments At Affordable Prices


How do we design your smile?

Premium Dental Clinic in Turkey

We have the latest technology equipment in our dental clinic

Fast & Permanent Solutions

We provide permanent results to patients in a short vacation period

Expert Dentist Centre in Turkey

We have a staff of 5 dentists who are experts in their field

Dental Treatment Cost in Turkey

More than 60% price advantage compared to Europe and UK

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Why Choose
Adalya Dental Clinic in Antalya

Adalya Dental Clinic and Dentist Centre in Antalya, Turkey is designed with the concept of a new generation clinic. With our 3Shape 3D intraoral scanner and design software, which is our most important plus, we are able to provide the most aesthetic smile designs. Therefore, we provide our patients with high standards of comfort.

We have many patients from abroad. Our patients stay at 4 or 5 star hotel near to our clinic. Our patient coordinator will be with you during your visit to our clinic. Additionally, Our patient coordinator can assist and give you tips about the city. We can arrange you sightseeing tours as well. Our patient coordinator will pick you up from your hotel to our clinic and vice versa. Our driver will pick you up from airport and all of our packages include this service.

Adalya Dental Clinic Turkey Reviews - Happy Smiles With Us

We host our patients from many countries of the world in our dental clinic and centre in Antalya Turkey. In this way, we meet people from all over the world and accept them as a member of our family. We never lose contact with all our patients, whom we consider as members of the Adalya family. Therefore, we want them to feel that we are with them at all times.

What ensures this strong communication with our patients is our success in treatment results and patient satisfaction. Our patients, who have great smiles and functional teeth, regain their self-confidence.

In this way, they continue to live the rest of their lives in a happier and more confident way. For confident and happy smiles, contact our dental clinic and centre in Antalya Turkey.

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Let's Turn Your Dental Treatment into a Perfect Holiday in Antalya, Turkey!

A unique dental treatment and holiday experience in Antalya, Turkey with our dental centre.