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As a word meaning, emax means maximum aesthetics. Emax crowns are one of the most frequently applied materials in smile design applications in Turkey due to their high aesthetic advantages. The light transmittance is excellent and it is completely transparent. Emax teeth crowns are produced in the form of squeezing. We provide the natural tooth image exactly with emax crowns in Turkey. Moreover, we adhere to existing teeth by abrasion without any infrastructure support. Since they are very strong against very high fracture and chewing resistance, we apply emax crowns very often and easily in our dental clinic in Turkey without placing any infrastructure material (zirconium, etc.) at affordable cost. Our emax crowns cost is very affordable and competitive compared to other dental clinics in Turkey.

What is an Emax Crown?

Emax is lithium disilicate. Some types also contain zirconium dioxide. Therefore, the resistance value of Emax teeth varies from 360 Megapascal to 1000 Megapascal. In this way, it is possible to use in any way in the mouth area.

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Experience premium quality Emax Crowns/Veneers with us in Antalya Turkey

Emax crowns are a top model and further developed crown type of empress crowns. In Turkey, we successfully use emax crowns for our patients in every treatment in the posterior regions, anterior regions, bridges and implants. Emax teeth are a very durable and aesthetic crown type.

Are Emax Crowns Good?

Since it is adhered with adhesive bonding technique, emax crowns allow application with very little abrasion from the tooth. Therefore, the resistance value of the teeth increases even more. It is necessary to stay in the enamel layer of the tooth in order to make adhesive bonding. So you should not do too much abrasion. In emax crowns applied with a little abrasion, the resistance value is up to 500 megapascals.

IPS Emax is the leading brand of glass ceramic materials used in smile aesthetic applications. Emax material produced by Ivoclar company has several different types on the market according to different usage areas.

IPS Emax Press:

Made of body-compatible lithium disilicate ceramic. Produced by pressing ceramic crystals, this ceramic lasts up to 500 Megapascals. Thanks to its excellent light transmittance, it provides a high-level natural tooth appearance. In this way, we frequently use emax press in laminate dental veneers and dental crowns in Turkey.

IPS Emax Cad:

It is a restoration that allows the emax crown tooth to be produced with Cad-Cam devices in the same day in the clinical environment. Upon completion of their crystallization, they provide a resistance of 160 Megapascal to 500 Megapascal.

IPS Emax ZirPress:

In this restoration, both the aesthetics of glass ceramic and the durability of zirconium are provided together. In Turkey, we prepare and apply this type of emax crowns with Cad-Cam program for posterior teeth and bridge restorations, which generally require high fracture resistance.

What is Empress Veneers?

Empress is a lisit glass ceramic. Its resistance value is 160 megapascals. This value gives the value of resistance to breakage and it is a material with high breakage resistance. We use empress veneers as an inlay-onlay porcelain filling in the anterior areas, that is, on the teeth between the canines and canines, and on the premolars.

We do not use it as a bridge on the back teeth and on implants. Because in such applications, the breaking resistance of empress veneers decreases.

In Which Treatments Do We Prefer Emax Crowns in Turkey?

  • In aesthetic smile makeover applications
  • We apply it on discolored and stained teeth
  • Broken and cracked teeth due to trauma
  • Low level crooked teeth
  • In laminate veneers treatments
  • People with separated teeth
  • In substance losses in teeth caused by root canal treatment

How Are Emax Crowns Made in Turkey?

We start the emax crowns treatment by taking pictures of the mouth and face of the patients in Turkey. Then, we make certain designs by making aesthetic analyzes on these photos. We apply these designs to the patient’s mouth with a special method. In this way, patients have a preview of how the teeth will look more or less before the treatment begins, without any intervention on the teeth.

Before starting the application of emax crowns, we take measurements of the teeth. We can take these measurements with convectional techniques as well as with intraoral computer aided cameras. In the measurements taken with intraoral cameras, the treatment takes a little shorter and the margin of error is reduced.

After taking the measurements and making the necessary abrasion from the teeth, we complete the treatment by sticking the emax teeth prepared by the technicians in the laboratory in Turkey.

In Emax crowns, we cut less amount of teeth than zirconia crowns, but more than laminate veneers in Turkey. You can find the details of Veneers Turkey and information about all veneer types on our relevant page.

How Much Does Emax Crowns Cost in Turkey?

The cost of emax crowns starts from 200£ per tooth in Turkey. This cost may vary according to the number of teeth and the condition of the patient. Some operations are more difficult than usual. Therefore, this is reflected in the price in terms of time and cost.

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What Are the Advantages of Emax Teeth?

  • Emax teeth are the closest crowns and veneers to natural teeth and are extremely durable.
  • It is the material with the highest light transmittance. Therefore, it cannot be distinguished from a natural tooth.
  • There is no metal support or infrastructure material in emax crowns. In this way, we do less abrasion from the tooth and we can work finer on the tooth.
  • Since we specially design emax crowns according to the needs of each person in Turkey, there is a complete harmony.
  • It is made of very durable material and less abrasion is made from the tooth. Therefore, besides maximum aesthetics, it also protects the structure of the tooth.

What Are Emax Laminate Veneers?

Laminate veneer is an aesthetic dentistry treatment that we apply by abrading the front surfaces of the teeth in a very small amount or sometimes without any abrasion in the anterior region dental treatments. We use several different materials in laminated applications. The most commonly used materials are emax and composites.

Emax is a material with very high light transmittance. Therefore, it provides the closest image to the natural tooth. In addition, emax laminate veneers preserve their color and shine for a long time. The coloration of the composite material occurs in a shorter time than the emax tooth and its durability is not as high as emax.

The most frequently used material in laminated dental treatments in Turkey is Ips emax, which we also use in emax crowns. Therefore, laminate applications applied using emax material are called emax laminate veneers.

Emax laminate veneers provide maximum aesthetics with minimum treatment to the tooth. Therefore, laminate veneers are one of the most common aesthetic dental applications today.

Differences Between Laminate Veneers and Emax Crowns Teeth

The materials of laminated teeth and emax teeth are the same. Both are full ceramic coatings applied without any infrastructure. However, laminate veneer is a treatment method that we stick to the front surface of the tooth like false nails. Therefore, we never touch the back surface of the tooth.

If the person’s teeth have too many fillings, root canal treatment has been applied, if the person has nail biting or teeth grinding habits, we prefer emax crowns instead of applying laminate veneers in Turkey in such cases.

The only advantage of laminate; Since the surfaces in contact with the tongue are not covered, the person does not feel any difference in tongue movements and speech.

Therefore, the teeth will appear from the front like their colors and shapes have changed. In full ceramic emax teeth, it is an aesthetic dental treatment performed by sitting on every surface of the tooth and providing better adhesion to the tooth.

What is Difference Between Emax and Zirconia Crowns?

Emax and zirconia crowns are crowns produced from different materials. The Emax crown is lithium dioxide and is all glass ceramic. Zirconia crowns are produced from zirconium material and we use it mostly as an infrastructure material. We apply emax crowns without any infrastructure material, with much less abrasion than the tooth in Turkey. Therefore, it is much more aesthetic.

They have different uses and features that are superior to each other. We also use Emax and zirconia crowns in Turkey for substance loss, crookedness, discoloration of teeth and tooth loss.

We use zirconia crowns mostly for functional properties in posterior teeth. On the other hand, we apply Emax veneers for purely aesthetic purposes in Turkey and mostly for people who have aesthetic concerns on anterior teeth.

 Is Zirconia Stronger Than Emax Crown?

Zirconia is much more durable, stronger and more resistant to breakage than emax crowns. However, emax is ahead of zirconia crowns with its aesthetic appearance and proximity to natural teeth. We also prefer zirconium teeth in bridge applications.

However, with emax teeth, we perform three dental bridge applications (the last bridge foot may be the second molar) in Turkey.

We decide the choice of both treatments according to the needs of the people. Therefore, emax teeth are used in the treatment of people who have aesthetic priorities. Zirconium; We apply it in the treatment of people whose health concerns are at the forefront.

How Long Does Emax Crowns Treatment Take in Turkey?

We complete all the treatment stages of emax crowns in Turkey within 3-7 days, including the rehearsal stages, for people who have no problems with their teeth and gums or for those who have these problems treated.

How Long Does an Emax Crown Last?

Our patients can easily use emax coating for 10-15 years with regular oral hygiene and physician controls at 6-month intervals. The structure of the Emax tooth is quite slippery and smooth. In this way, since it prevents the formation of tartar, it has a very protective effect on the health of teeth and gums.

Does the Teeth Under the Emax Coating Decay?

There is no decay under the emax crowns, which has been applied by meeting all the requirements that are fully compatible with the tooth. It is not possible to talk about tooth decay in zirconium veneers and metal-supported porcelain veneers applied with a laser system.

Do Emax Crowns Break?

To give an example of all traumas that can break natural teeth; situations such as hitting, falling, biting hard objects with teeth also pose a danger to emax crowns. Therefore, we should take care of our veneer teeth the same way we protect natural teeth. In this way, we can extend their useful life.

How is the Maintenance in Emax Coatings?

The care of Emax crowns is no different than the care of our own teeth. A proper oral care and attention is the most important factor that prolongs the life of emax teeth.

In addition, you should pay attention to the brushing technique and the use of dental floss as recommended by your doctor. If necessary, also use mouthwashes. In general, the care of emax teeth is not different from the care of natural teeth.