Gum Contouring Turkey (Gummy Smile Correction)

For an aesthetic smile, we strive for a symmetrical relationship between the teeth in smile design. We also try to do this in the most natural way. Conditions that disrupt this aesthetic are not only caused by teeth. In addition, gingival deformities are among the most common aesthetic problems we encounter. Therefore, when we make smile makeover in Turkey, we take into account not only the teeth, but also Gum Contouring. One of the most frequently encountered and performed treatments in patients with gingival disease in Turkey is gummy smile correction treatment.

Gummy smile; overgrowth of the gums. Gingivoplaty procedure and gummy smile correction treatment should be done by expert hands. We also work with our periodontist specialist in the treatment of gummy smile fix in Turkey.

What is Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring; It is the process of arranging the amount of gingiva and gingival levels aesthetically according to the adjacent teeth. In Turkey just like we plan the shape and location of the teeth, we plan the gingival shape and the place where it should be, either through the measurements we determine with digital photographs or with gum contouring on plaster models. Then, we give the final shape to the gum shape with the method we have determined.

gum contouring turkey cost gummy smile correction fix treatment

While creating an aesthetic smile for our patients, we first solve their gum problems, if any. After providing a healthy and aesthetic gingiva, we perform other aesthetic and restorative (Zirconia crowns, Laminate veneers, Emax crowns) treatments.

What is Gummy Smile?

The only thing we look at in dental aesthetics is not the form and color of the tooth. Gums, lips and teeth should be in harmony. Gummy smile; It is a condition in which the gums appear more than normal when talking or laughing.

The gums, which should appear about 2 mm in an ideal smile, are visible up to about 10 mm in these people. The appearance of 2 mm of the gum during smiling makes the person look younger. Therefore, this ratio provides the most ideal and most aesthetic smile.

Gummy smile correction treatment is a multi-factor treatment. Therefore, gummy smile fix treatment should be treated with a muti-disciplinary approach. In our dental clinic in Turkey, we offer the most accurate gum contouring treatment planning as a result of the examination of several different dental areas.

What Causes A Gummy Smile?

  • Hypermobility of the upper lip
  • Excess of the muscles that lift the lip
  • Short upper lip distance and thin upper lip
  • Inflammation due to gum disease
  • Overgrowth of the upper jaw in the vertical direction
  • Low tooth height and small tooth forms
  • Bone growth that develops on the outside of the upper jaw
  • Excessive growth of gums over time due to some hypertension medications

Such reasons cause the gummy smile problem. Therefore, the need for gum contouring operations arises.

How is Gum Gontouring Done For Gummy Smile in Turkey?

Cases we call Gummy smile; These are the cases where our patients’ gums look more than they should when they smile. There are several alternative methods that we apply in Turkey to solve gum contouring and gummy smile problems.

  1. Botox for gummy smile
  2. Lazer for gummy smile
  3. Orthognatic Surgery for gummy smile

Gum Contouring: Botox For Gummy Smile Fix

Gummy smile correction treatment with Botox is the most frequently used and easiest method in Turkey. Therefore, the gummy smile procedure with botox is a method where we get results quickly and do not tire our patients much. We treat the gummy smile fix treatment caused by the lip problems of our patients with botox and lip augmentation.

Gummy smile correction with Botox is a repetitive treatment for 6-8 months. After the procedure, our patient does not experience any discomfort, swelling, bleeding or edema. Botox procedure repeated every 6-8 months does not cause any harm to the patient.

How do we do?

Botox can be used in any area where the muscles are located. We especially prefer botox in some gummy smile patients. We know that some patients’ upper lips are not short. Therefore, the mouths of these patients close normally.

However, when these people laugh, the muscle that pulls the lip up is very active and strong. That’s why these patients have upper lips that rise higher than everyone else. We know this muscle and we can stop it with botox injection.

We perform this procedure in 1-2 sessions within 5-10 minutes in a clinical setting. Therefore, we do not need any anesthesia during the procedure. After the needling of only 2 small points in patients, within 10-15 days, the upper lip is no longer pulled up as before, and even the lips of the patients become thicker.

In this way, patients can laugh more easily now. Therefore, these people become more self-confident and more courageous in photographs.

As a result in Turkey, we get very good results in gum contouring in patients who are suitable gummy smile correction treatment with botox, and we ensure patient satisfaction.

Gum Correction: Laser For Gummy Smile Fix

In cases of gummy smile, the gums are very visible when people are laughing and talking. Even if the teeth of these people are very well aligned, their tooth forms are small. Therefore, the gums will appear too much. In Turkey, we perform gummy smile correction treatments in such cases with gingivoplasty.

There are 2 methods of the gum contouring with gingivoplasty. We perform this gummy smile correction treatment with laser or electrosurgery in Turkey.

So how do we do it?

This method is one of the methods we use frequently. We do gum leveling and contouring with laser in gummy smile treatments where we can’t get results with botox in Turkey. We prefer this method in gummy smile correction treatments that occur due to tooth forms and gingiva.

In the gummy smile method with laser; We level the gums of our patients with laser under simple anesthesia. It is a process that takes between 30-45 minutes.

It takes approximately 4-5 days for our patients to recover after laser gummy smile fix treatment. During this period, mild bleeding and edema may occur. Therefore, during this process, our patients should pay attention to their oral hygiene and should not disrupt their doctor’s controls.

Advantages of Laser Gum Contouring Treatment

  • It is a seamless procedure as it is performed with laser or electrosurgery.
  • If the person’s gums are healthy, there is no bleeding.
  • With this method, it does not harm the person when the gums are cut. Because we do not touch the carrier bone.
  • It is a method where we get very fast results.
  • Since the teeth get longer, the person has a fuller smile.
  • Gums are less visible. Therefore, the person stops avoiding laughing and has an aesthetic smile.
  • There is a long pocket between the gum and bone. Bacteria enter these places and cause bone resorption over time. Therefore, when we perform gum contouring with the laser, we reduce the entry of bacteria as we reduce this pocket.

If the person’s teeth are straight; There is no need to do any aesthetic procedures. Therefore, the person can return to his daily life immediately after the gummy smile correction treatment with laser in Turkey. The gums that we cut with laser or electrosurgery won’t go back after gummy smile correction treatment. Therefore, this process is a permanent process.

Can I Eat After Laser Gum Surgery?

After the laser gummy smile correction treatment, our patients should consume soft foods in the first week. Foods such as yogurt, mashed potatoes and eggs will not strain the gums much. My patients should be careful not to force their gums during this short recovery period.

How Do You Brush Your Teeth After Laser Gum Surgery?

Put the bristles of the brush on the tooth surface below the gingiva. Then brush with downward circular motions on the tooth surface. Avoid making hard touches on your gums.

How Much Does Gum Contouring Cost in Turkey?

Gum contouring ( Lazer Gum Contouring For Gummy Smile) varies between £200-300 per tooth in Turkey. However, the cost of laser gum contouring, which covers all your anterior teeth, varies between £2,000 and £3,000 in Turkey.

This treatment is a multidisciplinary treatment. You will need to be examined in several different dental treatment areas. Therefore, the cost of treatment varies according to the type of treatment (Botox or Laser) and its difficulty.

It is performed by a periodontist who is an expert in the field of gum contouring. Not every dentist can. As Adalya Dental Clinic, we work with physicians who are experts in every field. Our expert gum specialist will provide aesthetic and permanent treatment solutions for all your gum diseases.

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Gummy Smile Fix With Orthognathic Surgery

We prefer the orthognathic surgery and the gummy smile correction method as the last resort. The reason of this; recovery times are long and the postoperative period of our patients lasts an average of 2-3 weeks.

In orthognathic surgery, we do not touch only the gums of our patient; We also make adjustments and shaving in the bone tissue under the gum.

After this procedure, our patients experience a somewhat painful period. Therefore, our patients should take painkillers and antibiotics for 3-4 days on average.

In addition; they need to make ice compresses. After the gum contouring with orthognathic surgery and, our patient should pay great attention to oral hygiene for 2-3 weeks.

Smile Design After Gum Contouring in Turkey

In some cases, the person also has problems with their teeth. In other words, the gums are very visible and there are cracks, gaps in the teeth, or the teeth are short. Then, after doing the gummy smile correction treatment, we continue the treatment with other smile design treatments.

Which Treatments Do We Prefer in Turkey in Such Cases?

  • Laminated Veneers: After the gummy smile treatment, we treat the shortness of the teeth or aesthetic problems with laminate veneers. Laminate veneers is one of the most used treatment methods in Turkey after gum contouring treatments.
  • Teeth whitening: If the teeth are yellow, we perform teeth whitening after the gummy smile correction treatment.
  • Dental crowns: We can intervene in the restorative problems of the patient’s teeth with zirconia crowns or emax crowns after gummy smile treatment in Turkey.

There are some cases where the lip goes all the way up to the nose when the person smiles. Then we do both gummy smile correction treatment and lip repositioning in these cases in Turkey. In this way, we pull the lip lower. After this procedure, the gums of the people are not visible. The person does not lose any facial expressions and smiles. As a result, the person becomes more self-confident.