Frequently Asked Questions

Smile makeover has a multidisciplinary approach and is carried out by applying many processes together. So it varies according to the procedures to be applied smile makeover prices in Turkey. Smile Makeover 20 porcelain teeth & 20 zirconia crowns cost are approximately 3500 €.  However, as we said, prices will vary according to appropriate transactions.

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Turkey is one of the safest countries in the world for dental treatment and vacation. All necessary measures for Covid 19 are taken meticulously, both as a state and as private businesses. The high rate of vaccination also puts Turkey among the safe countries.

We, as Adalya Antalya Dental Clinic, provide regular care and the hygiene of our clinic meticulously. We frequently apply disinfection to our clinic. You can learn more about the disinfection measures we take by watching our youtube video.

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Because costs such as insurance costs, laboratory fees and rents in Turkey are quite low compared to other countries. There is a 1 in 5 difference in prices, especially compared to the UK and the USA. In this way, patients can both receive their treatment and at the same time have a wonderful holiday by taking advantage of Turkey's natural beauties.